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HBV Infection–Diagnostic Approach and Management Algorithm.

Serum HBV-DNA levels ≥2000 IU/mL at 1 year post HBeAg seroconversion correlate with increased risk of HBeAg-negative hepatitis and hepatitis flare. Hepatitis B virus HBV infection is a global health problem, with 1 million people dying from related complications per year. ALT and HBV DNA every 6 months HBV DNA <2,000 IU/mL HBV DNA ≥2,000 IU/mL Suggest liver biopsy Treat if moderate to severe inflammation or significant fibrosis Monitor every 3 to 6 months using HBVQN Monitor annually using HBA G / Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Serum Elevated ALT level Consider liver biopsy.

HBeAg -: DNA 2000 - 20000 UI/ml y 10 4 - 10 5 copias/mL. Paciente portador inactivo: DNA < 2000 UI/mL o bajo el nivel inferior de detección de la prueba. Más del 30% de estos pacientes depurara el HBsAg durante su seguimiento. HBV resuelta: DNA indetectable. HBV crónica oculta: HBsAg - clínica de hepatitis B crónica y DNA detectable en. Key points. The most realistic goal for HBV treatment is persistent inhibition of viral replication with ALT normalization. Treatment is generally indicated in patients with HBV DNA >2000 IU/mL, elevated ALT and/or at least moderate histological lesions. HEPATITIS B VIRAL HBV DNA, QUANTITATIVE REAL TIME PCR HEPATITIS B VIRAL HBV DNA, QUANTITATIVE REAL TIME PCR Real Time PCR – Taqman technology IU/mL Interpretation RESULT in IU/mL REMARKS Target not detected Sample provided does not contain HBV DNA <20 HBV DNA detected, but below the lower limit of linear range of the assay. Can you guys tell me what s am I suppose to look at? Here is what the results report look like. Value Flag Reference Range HEPATITIS B DNA QNT PCT 4.0 H < 1.6 log IU Viral load result for HBV DNA is 9,450 IU/ML 1 IU/ML is 5 copies/mL. Question. I would be thankful to you, if you please convert 191.710^5 copies HBV/ml into IU/ml. Looking for your reply. Answer. For HBV viral load conversion, 1 IU/ml = 5.6 copies/ml.

UI/ml dell’ HBV-DNA tra il 1° mese ed il 3° mese di terapia non è stato bene stabilito. Risposta virologica: HBV DNA <2000 IU/ml dopo 24 settimane dall’ inizio della terapia. Risposta virologica sostenuta: HBV DNA <2000 UI/ml 12 mesi dalla fine della terapia. ! RISPOSTA VIROLOGICA AI NUC: Non risposta primaria: riduzione <1. Тези, които са негативни за hbeag и имат hbv dna вирусен товар от 2,000 iu/ml или по-висок, също трябва да бъдат проследявани често и да бъде обмислено започването на терапия. そこで,会員の皆様の混乱を避けるために,HBV-DNA量に関して,TaqMan法,AccuGene法ともに「Log IU/mL」と「Log copies/mL」を併記し,測定キットの更新後は「Log IU/mL」に一本化することを,各試薬のメーカーと臨床検査センター・企業にお願いしました。.

My HBV DNA in April 2018 was 44 IU/ml. Now, in January 2019 my HBV DNA result is Target not Detected and HBeAg is 0.28 where less than 1.0 is non reactive. Similarly, in a person with an HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B, an HBV viral load of greater than 2,000 IU/mL indicates that the virus is active and has the potential to cause damage to the liver. Generally speaking, if the HBV viral load is above these numbers, treatment is considered necessary. 乙型肝炎病毒DNA定量(HBV-DNA)9.85e3 单位IU/ ml 临界值<100,是阴性还是 我来答 新人答题领红包. The researchers found that the risk of liver cancer was positively associated with increasing levels of HBV DNA and HBsAg in dose-response manners.The adjusted odds ratios [ORs] increased from 2.11 95% CI, 0.99 to 4.5 to 10.47 95% CI, 5.06 to 21.68 for those with HBV DNA level of 2000-19,999 IU/ml or ≥20,000 IU/ml compared with subjects.


As HBeAg‐positive immunotolerant patients have HBV DNA >2000 IU/ml, ETV or TDF are the first options for this indication. Second, HBeAg‐positive mothers with normal ALT but high serum HBV DNA levels >10 6–7 IU/ml have >10% risk of vertical HBV transmission to the newborn despite HBV immunoglobulin and vaccination. 19/10/2011 · B肝病毒量HBV-DNA檢測結果有三個單位: HBV-DNA-IU/mL代表一毫升中有多少國際單位的B肝病毒量。HBV-DNA-pg/mL 代表一毫升中有幾克的B肝病毒量。HBV-DNA-copy/mL 代表一毫升中有多少隻B肝病毒。 我所查到的換算標準與您的有差異. HBV DNA conversion.

It is characterized by very low or undetectable serum HBV DNA levels and normal serum aminotransferases 1. It has been shown that histologically significant liver damage is rare in these patients, particularly when HBV DNA is lower than 2000 IU/ml, and thus a liver biopsy is not indicated in these subjects 4. hbv dna量 2,000 iu/ml(3.3 logiu/ml)以上である(レベル6、グレードb。 上記基準に該当しなくても、altが軽度あるいは間欠的に上昇する症例、40歳以上 でhbv dna量が多い症例、血小板数15万未満の症例、肝細胞癌の家族歴のある症. 1. 「e抗原」呈陽性的情況下,乙肝病毒載量高於20,000 IU/ml,或 2. 「e抗原」呈陰性的情況下,乙肝病毒載量高於2,000 IU/ml. 如果他們肝酵素同時高於正常值上限的兩倍,或已出現肝纖維化、肝硬化或肝失代償等疾病,醫生便會考慮開展療程。. Carefully review criteria before initiating antiviral treatment for HBV. In general, patients with active HBV HBV DNA ≥ 2,000 IU/mL if HBeAg-negative and HBV DNA ≥ 20,000 IU/mL if HBeAg-positive, and high ALT or evidence of advanced fibrosis should be considered for HBV antiviral treatment.

log IU/mL. An “Undetected” result indicates that hepatitis B virus HBV DNA was not detected in the specimen. A “Detected” result with the comment, “HBV DNA level is <20 IU/mL <1.30 log IU/mL. This assay cannot accurately quantify HBV DNA below this level” indicates that the HBV DNA. HBV DNA is greater than 2,000; HBeAg positive. Immunoactive equals ALT greater than 2x ULN or significant histologic disease; HBV DNA is greater than 20,000; Only treat normal ALT if. Adult over 40 years old with an HBV DNA greater than 1 million IU/mL; Cirrhosis; Other factors to consider. Family history of hepatocellular carcinoma; Family.

The prognosis of these patients is different from inactive carriers ICs, who are characterized by persistently normal serum alanine aminotransferase ALT and low <2000 IU/ml serum HBV DNA levels, a serological profile that may also be intermittently observed in patients with HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis. 雖然某些 PCR 法依理論換算,靈敏度可達到數十個 copies/ml,但由於受限檢體 DNA 純化過程的採集率及 PCR 的低檢體使用量,合理的靈敏度應在 10 2 ~ 10 3 copies/ml 之間。 HBV-DNA: 1 pg/ml 大約等於 2.83 ×10 5 copies/ml。. Table 2. HBV DNA levels, ALT levels, and HBeAg sta-tus are among the most important determinants of risk of progression to cirrhosis,15,16 whereas HBV DNA levels >2,000 IU/mL, HBeAg status, and cirrhosis are key predictors of HCC risk.15-18 A biological gradient of risk has been shown in adults with HBV DNA levels above.


最近规定设立了 HBV DNA 的 WHO HBV 国界标准, 单位为"国际单位/毫升 --IU/mL. The WHO HBV International Standard.这样 HBV DNA 可以从 pg/mL, copies/mL, log copies/mL, log IU/mL 统一为 IU/mL. 大部分的 SCI 杂志都要 求用 IU/ml。拷贝是不规范的用法,可能中文杂志还能使用。.

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